SLA – Sealed Lead  Acid Batteries (VRLA)

Canbat offers a wide range of sealed lead acid batteries (SLA). With years of experience in the battery industry, Canbat has developed the most comprehensive range of sealed lead acid batteries on an international scale. Every battery series is designed to meet specific applications. Sealed lead acid batteries are often referred to as valve regulated lead acid (VRLA), and there are two types of these batteries: AGM and Gel. Canbat offeres both AGM and Gel. Each type of battery has a number of advantages over another. Selecting the appropiate battery type depends on your application. If you are unsure which battery type is right for your application, one of our battery experts are always ready to help. Browse below all of the sealed lead acid battery series we offer.


sealed lead acid battery 12V 7Ah

General purpose sealed lead acid VRLA batteries designed with AGM battery technology, developed for reliability and consist battery performance.

Deep Cycle - sealed lead acid

Deep cycle VRLA batteries engineered with a long cycle life design, exceptional AGM battery performance and the ability to withstand deep discharges.


Sealed Lead acid Gel - sealed lead acid

Deep cycle gel batteries are developed for cyclic applications that completely rely on batteries for daily power, such as renewable energy.

High Rate - sealed lead acid

High rate VRLA batteries developed with excellent discharge characteristics. Designed with absorbent glass mat, specifically for UPS systems and other high-rate discharge applications.

Front Terminal - sealed lead acid

Front terminal AGM batteries are sealed lead cells designed reliability and security. Perfect fit for telecom cabinets, allowing easy installation and maintenance.

Extended Life - sealed lead acid

Extended life VRLA batteries with a design life of over 15 years, designed for standby applications that demand a longer battery life than standard AGM batteries.

OPzV Battery - sealed lead acid

Tubular gel OPzV batteries offering a design life of 20 years, the highest cycle life among all lead acid batteries and reliability for unstable power networks.

OPzS Battery - Tubular flooded

Tubular flooded lead acid OPzS batteries, engineered with a robust construction for applications demanding regular deep discharges.


Canbat offers a wide range of battery sizes and capacities for household and industrial applications. If our current range of extensive battery products do not meet your unique requirements, our engineers can help you design, develop and manufacture custom sealed lead acid battery solutions. This service is also available in Canbat branding, co-branding and private label branding.