OPzV Batteries (CZV) are designed for lower self discharge and a long service life of 15-20 years. These batteries have superior deep cycle performance, and they can function at full capacity in different temperature ranges. For this reason, many large corporations rely on OPzV batteries for back up energy. These corporations specialize in telecommunications, radio and cellphone stations and offshore operations. Furthermore, our CZV range is also heavily used for standby power on ships and ashore. For further information about our batteries, feel free to email our team of battery experts at info@canbat.ca. Below is a list of battery applications that are most popular for the CZV range.

OPzV Batteries for renewable energy from Canabat Batteries
OPzV Batteries for Emergency lights from Canabat Batteries
OPzV Batteries for Large UPS from Canabat Batteries

OPzV Batteries – CZV applications:

  • Telecommunications
  • Radio relay stations
  • Renewable energy
  • Large UPS systems
  • Maritime standby power
  •  Buoy lighting
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Railway signalling
  • Power on ships and offshore