Using Canadian technology and years of testing, Canbat has developed world-class gel batteries (CBG). Using a specially formulated paste, our gel batteries have deep discharge capabilities  and a longer cycle life. Furthermore, these batteries are designed with lead-calcium alloy, acting as protection agents against corrosion. Considering the extreme environments that batteries may be used in, we engineered our batteries with thermal resistance. This allows the batteries to perform well even under extreme hot temperatures. For further information about our batteries, feel free to email our team of battery experts at Below is a list of applications that are most popular for the CBG range.

Gel Battery 12V
Solar Gel Batteries
Lawn Mower Gel Batteries

CBG gel batteries applications:

  • Golf trolleys
  • Garden equipment
  • Wheel chair
  • Solar systems
  • Wind mills
  • Medical equipment
  • Traffic lights
  • Street signs
  • Cottage camper