Canbat Batteries Company Information

Canbat is a Canadian manufacturer and supplier of VRLA / AGM batteries. With superior quality products and competitive prices, our batteries are guaranteed to provide the highest value. This has been proven with our high battery cycle life, battery temperature resistance and built quality. Our Canbat brand name is an abbreviation which comes from Canadian batteries, which represents power, strength and overall greatness.

Company Profile

Since its establishment, Canbat has been providing green power solutions for applications at home, work and on the go. Our team of battery experts is composed of various professionals across our great nation, with a head office strategically located on the West Coast of Vancouver.

Mission Statment

Our purpose is to enable individuals, households and businesses improve their DC power life. Whether you are going camping and in need of electricity, installing a solar energy system at home or simply looking for a reliable backup source of power for work, Canbat is always there for you.

Corporate Goals

There are a number of goals that are put in place to help our company maintain its positive reputation in Canada and across the world. These goals include: maintaining consistent quality control, increasing product availability worldwide. sustaining competitive prices and leading industry safety standards.

Head Office Location