Canbat Batteries

Canbat Batteries

Canbat is a Canadian manufacturer and supplier of rechargeable valve regulated lead acid batteries. The company offers battery power solutions for both residential and industrial applications. Canbat manufactures batteries in various volt series, including 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 24. These batteries are available in a wide range of capacities starting from 0.4 and to 4,000 Ah. All of our VRLA batteries are maintenance free and spill proof. Our batteries are available in gel, deep cycle, extended life, front terminal, high rate, OPzS, OpzV and in general purpose AGM batteries. Canbat develops its batteries with innovative technology and premium quality standards.

Battery Models

General Purpose

The CBL series refers to our general purpose AGM/VRLA batteries.  This battery series uses oxygen recombination technology offering non-spillable and maintenance free features. The plate grids are made of PbCaSn alloy, which minimize gassing and self-discharges. Furthermore, these AGM batteries are designed with premium quality AGM separators, which not only help in extending the life of the battery, but also in protecting against micro short circuit.


The CBG series refers to our Extended Life Gel batteries. This series uses a specially formulated paste that enables deep discharge capabilities and a longer cycle life. Canbat Gel batteries are designed with lead-calcium alloy, acting as protection agents against corrosion. Considering the extreme environments these batteries may be used in, we engineered our batteries with thermal resistance, allowing the batteries to perform well even under extreme hot temperatures.

Deep Cycle

The CDC range refers to our line of deep cycle batteries. This range of AGM/VRLA batteries uses a unique paste formula to achieve a longer cycle life. Canbat manufactures its deep cycle batteries using ABS materials, which enhances the battery’s body for superior protection. Furthermore, these batteries are designed with silver-coated copper terminals, allowing better electric conductivity.

High Rate

High Rate Batteries (CHR) are designed mainly for UPS and power supply applications, where high rate performance is required. Financial centres, banks and hospitals are the main users of this type of battery. Canbat High Rate batteries are developed in compliance with IATA/ICAO provisions. This expands the applications of high rate batteries to rail, road, sea and air transportation.

Extended Life

The CXL series refers to our Extended Life Batteries. This series uses grid refining technology along with thicker plates to extend the battery’s standby life. CXL batteries also incorporate oxygen recombination technology that ensures minimal gassing and self-discharging.This series is available in a range of volts, including: 2, 4, 6, and 12.

Front Terminal

The CFT series refers to our Front Terminal Batteries. These batteries are perfectly sized for 19 inch or 23 inch power cabinets. They have a unique shield design that not only defend them against short circuits, but also give them a professional look. Canbat Front Terminal batteries have an enhanced cycle life as they are manufactured with thick plates and a durable container.

Tubular Gel OPzV

Our CZV series refers to our OPzV Batteries. These batteries are designed for lower self discharge and a long service life of 15-20 years. Canbat’s OPzV batteries have superior deep cycle performance and they can function at full capacity in different temperature ranges. For this reason, many large corporations specializing in telecommunications, radio and cellphone stations and offshore operations rely on OPzV batteries for back up energy. Our CZV range is also heavily used for standby power on ships and ashore.

Flooded OPzS

The CZS series refers to our OPzS Batteries, which are similar to OPzV batteries (CZV). The difference is that OPzV are gel based batteries and OPzS are flooded batteries. CZS batteries are designed for low self discharge and a long service life of 15-20 years. Their superior deep cycle performance and their function to operate at full capacity in different temperature ranges, make it the perfect backup power solution for large corporations. and for standby power on ships and ashore.

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